venlo exposed type-b bad meaning good abri expo

Venlo Exposed

Haven't you heard? Outdoor is the word!
Outdoor Art Expo in Venlo in october.

100 Abri's - 100 artists. And yes, I'm in!

Venlo Exposed

type-b design art-director gallery beerenberg

Social Peek Show

Great to take part in SOCIAL PEEK SHOW of Gallery Beerenberg.

On expo together with artists like Jochem Rotteveel, Daan Roosegaarde, Roos van Dijk, V&B, and many more 

Gallery Beerenberg

bno dutch design creative coaching


Invited by BNO to be one of the creative coaches during VROAAM!

VROAAM! is an inspiring day for students and -starting- creatives to sharpen their minds and portfolios.

On the program are lectures by leading creatives, workshops, speeddates, etc. 


Art in Redlight Beurs van Berlage type-b design

Art in Redlight

Showing sharp new imagery at Art in Redlight!
Expo at Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.
27 - 30 December


pecha kucha type-b graphic design


I'll be rockin' the mic at PechaKucha in Breda.
20 x 20 . . . you know what's up.
Inspire and get inspired!


MOTI Volkskrant beeldjagers breda type-b


On Saturday, 8 November, Museum of the Image is presenting ‘Beeldjagers’ (Image Hunters) in association with de Volkskrant newspaper. 

With this event about special image collections and their collectors, MOTI is keen to explore the phenomenon of image collections as an expression of contemporary visual culture and present this to a broad public.

Glad to say that -among other series- I will be presenting my image collection on Saturday, 8 November at the Chassé Theatre in Breda.
Come one come all!


vechtclub xl utrecht pecha kucha type-b bno


VechtclubXL is an inspiring creative hotspot in Utrecht, Holland.
During the openingfestival I will talk about some of my projects. 
Join the party; beer, bitterballen and funky beats!


vriend van bavink art release type-b design

Vriend van Bavink

Friday july 11th I will be joining the Art Release expo 
at gallery Vriend van Bavink.

Gallery Vriend van Bavink


type-b bouwplaats festival happy meat

Bouwplaats Festival

Happy Meat will be screened at the Bouwplaats Festival!

The whole weekend 30 artists, 20 dj's, 10 bands will showcase at the Volkskrant building. Raise the roof!


Bouwplaats festival

Ukrainian Food Film Festival

Happy Meat is crossing borders and will be screened at the 
Ukrainian Food Film Festival in Kiev! 

Ukrainian Food Film festival

type-b fooodbreda cinesoup happy meat concept


Happy Meat will be screened on CineSoupe at FooodBreda.

FooodBreda is a culinary creative playground which uses the culinary
to bring culture to a broader audience.


subbacultcha type-b bad meaning good 010708


YEAH... Bad meaning Good, Happy Meat, Roze bril and 010708 featured
in the december edition of Subbacultcha!



Choisgallery Happy Meat Design type-b concept

Choi's Gallery

Happy Meat

Happy Meat is featured in the new edition of Gallery by the CA and Shanghai based Chois Publishing. Available in the stores now... 


Choi's Gallery

food film festival happy meat slow food

Food Film festival

Happy Meat

Food Film Festival is a three-day festival in Amsterdam showcasing many different aspects about food.
Happy Meat is screened during the festival and the posters were on display.


Food Film Festival

vbat talent fonk magazine type-b meet market

Meet market


In the ongoing search for design talent, branding and design agency VBAT held a meet market. The freshest talent got their work published in Fonk magazine.

meet market

dutch design week make a forest rubbertree

Dutch Design Week

Make a forest

Make a Forest is a creative response to the need to preserve trees and change the way we think about dealing with our environment, locally
and globally, in a sustainable and conscious way.

By using an industrial product; car tires, the origin of the product;
a rubbertree, is shown.

During the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven the Rubbertree is exposed
as a part of the 'Make a Forest' project.

make a forest


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