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Marc ter Horst is a creative thinker and art director based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

His work often reflects on social themes and follows a conceptual approach in which critical thought, the use of paradox and playing with context are key. Marc operates at the intersection of art and design.

The strength of his work lies in the creation of unusual and surprising associations that open up new perspectives. Marc uses his skills and expertise as an art director to turn these associations into powerful, striking visual imagery.


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Marc ter Horst
Burgermeester Bosstraat 46
3043 GD Rotterdam
The Netherlands


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Vice Creators

Vice published an article about 'Wallpaper', my collection of 'Ikea Roses'. Text is Dutch only but the pictures cover the story pretty well.

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de Volkskrant

A spread showing some pretty Ikea Roses of the 'Wallpaper' collection in Volkskrant magazine.


Featured in the december edition of Subbacultcha. Y O !

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Choi's Gallery

Featured in the new edition of Choi's Gallery. A 224-page magazine presenting the best designs and showcasing the latest graphic trends from around the world in fields of identity, packaging,...

Fonk magazine

Branding and design agency VBAT selected refreshing designtalent and published some of their projects in Fonk magazine. Thank you VBAT & Fonk!

Next Nature

Premiere of 'Happy Meat' on the Next Nature platform.


What's up

Creative industry talkshow at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

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Short interview on Dutch radio about Wallpaper.

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I'll be rockin' the mic at PechaKucha Breda. 20 x 20 . . . you know what's up.


In association with de Volkskrant newspaper ‘Beeldjagers’ (Image Hunters) is keen to explore the phenomenon of image collections as an expression of contemporary visual culture and present this to a broad public.

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Art in Redlight

New imagery on expo at Art in Redlight. Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.

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Venlo exposed

Haven't you heard? Outdoor is the word! 100 Abri's - 100 artists.

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Dutch Design Week

Make a Forest is a creative response to the need to preserve trees and change the way we think about dealing with our environment, locally and globally, in a sustainable...

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Art Release

I'll be part of the Art Release expo at gallery Vriend van Bavink.

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Food Film Festival is a three-day festival in Amsterdam showcasing many different aspects about food. Happy Meat is screened during the festival and the posters were on display.

Social Peek Show

Great to take part in SOCIAL PEEK SHOW of Gallery Beerenberg. On expo together with artists like Jochem Rotteveel, Daan Roosegaarde, Roos van Dijk

Ukrainian Food Film Festival

Happy Meat is crossing borders and will be screened at the Ukrainian Food Film Festival in Kiev!