Inside On The Cover

By smartly weaving the colour control strips trimmed off printed paper, waste is reduced and abstract patterns create wonderful bookcovers. Revealing the colourpalettes used in the process of the printing. 


art direction : marc ter horst
photography : ingrid koenen

type bIOTC GeelGrijs 608x708 v4
type bIOTC CMYKRuit 608x708 v2
type bIOTC BlauwWit 608x708 v2
type bIOTC Bijbel 608x708 v2
type bIOTC Goud+ 608x708 v2
type bIOTC OranjeGroen 608x708 v4
type bIOTC H 608x708
type bIOTC 2x2 608x708 v3
type bIOTC Ruit 608x708 v4