Autisme op de agenda

'Autisme op de agenda' is a reversal book for Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme (NVA).

One side of the book is a calendar categorised in alphabetical order, letting people without autism experience what it is like to live in a world that is illogical.

Turning the book around, the other side is about content and tells various stories of the challenges people with autism face daily in their life.

The book aims to show the need and urge for government, politicians and decision-makers to take action creating awareness ands a more autism-friendly society.


concept, art direction & design : marc ter horst
photography portraits : joris den blaauwen, liza van de ven
lithography : mariska bijl, wilco art books
printing & binding : wilco art books
product photography : ingrid koenen

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type bNVAgenda 03 v5
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